What are the Most Common Signs of Ageing and What Causes Them?

What are the Most Common Signs of Ageing and What Causes Them?

Nobody really likes seeing an older version of themselves staring back from the mirror, but ageing is just a natural part of life — one of the many things we all have in common.

But knowing what causes the most common signs of ageing can help you fight them and keep yourself looking your best for years to come.

Here are 5 most common signs and their causes.

#1. Sagging Skin With Less Elasticity

Sagging skin is definitely one of the signs of ageing that comes to us all eventually. Why? Because your body produces less collagen and elastin over time, leading your skin to lose its firmness and elasticity.

Over time, you’ll see more skin sagging on your body because of this process, though losing a lot of weight can contribute too.

#2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are another side-effect of reduced elastin and collagen. They’re most common in areas of your face which tend to be the most active, around your mouth and eyes.

Less moisture in your skin is another contributing factor, though, so make sure you moisturize often. Other causes of wrinkles and fine lines include exposure to the sun and smoking, so cut down on your beach-time and quit cigarettes to minimize your wrinkles.

#3. Age Spots

Age spots form on the skin when pigment cells (AKA melanocytes) start to develop at a faster rate. They go on to group together and appear as age spots on different parts of the body, though they’re most visible on the hands and face.

They’re most common at sites exposed to the sun regularly, so wear sunscreen with high UV-resistance and try to spend more time in the shade on bright days.

#4. Dry Skin

Your skin dries out more and more as you age, as it fails to produce as much moisture as it should naturally. As a result, you may notice your flesh is a little rougher to the touch, starts flaking and looks dehydrated.

Drink plenty of water (at least eight large glasses a day) and use moisturizer liberally. Again, sun damage is a leading cause of age-related dry skin, so take care to protect your skin against UV rays. Avoid any cosmetic products containing alcohol or other ingredients prone to drying the skin out.

#5. Thinner Skin

Finally, thinner skin is another unwelcome sign of ageing: your cell production slows the older you get, leaving your skin less soft and dense.

More wrinkles and lines will form on thinner flesh, and they’ll be more visible. You’ll bruise more easily too, which can be unpleasant. Sun damage, genes and medications may all contribute to thinner skin too.

These 5 signs of ageing are nothing to be afraid of, but there are ways to reduce their impact: being kinder to your skin, avoiding cigarettes, eating well, drinking lots of water and using well-formulated products can all help.

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