Preparing your Skin for a Full Body Wax

Preparing your Skin for a Full Body Wax

Nervous about your first full body wax?

You’re not alone. Everyone worries the first time, but there’s no need to: our expert therapists are committed to making your full body waxing as safe and comfortable as we can.

Ahead of your treatment, it’s best to prepare your skin and make it easier on your body — but how can you do that?

Exfoliate Carefully

Exfoliating is essential for good, healthy skin. Make sure you do this carefully and gently a couple of days before you get waxed.

Why? Because exfoliating your skin makes it easier for the wax to actually attach to the hairs and not the skin itself. That makes the process easier and comfortable. Just keep it light: scrubbing too hard can leave your skin more sensitive.

Let your Hair Grow

While letting your hair grow in the run-up to your waxing can be tricky, trimming it too much makes the whole process less effective.

Aim for a length of around one quarter of an inch: your therapist will have enough hair to grab and pull from the root. If you’re used to shaving multiple times a week, this waiting can be tough but is well worth doing.

Take Loose, Soft Clothes with You

One the day of the full body waxing, avoid taking any tight clothes with you. Skinny jeans, clingy tops and underwear that fits like a second skin will all cause discomfort when rubbed against your skin when it’s still so sensitive.

Go for a looser, more casual outfit to let your skin breathe and heal better.

Time Your Moisturizing Right

Moisturizing your skin keeps it supple and healthy, and prepares it for the waxing.

But avoid moisturizing on the day itself: this can end up making it harder for the wax to attach to your hairs and disrupt its effectiveness. This may be difficult if you have dry skin but it ensures the best results.

Avoid Waxing Damaged Skin

Be careful when booking a full body waxing if you notice any inflamed or broken skin. This has to heal and get in good condition first.

Just focus on having unaffected areas waxed instead and leave the remaining parts until it’s safe.

A Healthier, Safer Way to Wax

Milk + Honey’s experts are dedicated to the healthiest, safest full body waxing.

We know this matters. We know you want to trust the person responsible for making your body smooth, sleek and gorgeous. That’s why we follow these three key rules:

  • we never, ever double dip, to ensure great hygiene
  • every client is treated to single-use bedding for complete peace of mind (so, there’s no need to worry about who was on the bed before you)
  • all our tools and instruments are disinfected with hospital-grade products after and before every single client we treat

We take these rules seriously and are committed to giving you the best full body waxing experience available.

Want to schedule your own full body wax? Just call us on 306.852.SKIN (7546) today or drop in to chat with a member of our team.

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