Microblading: 5 Benefits for Your Eyebrows

Microblading: 5 Benefits for Your Eyebrows

Microblading will be available at Milk + Honey soon, but what does this treatment involve and what benefits does it offer?

What is Microblading?

Microblading (AKA ‘feathering’ and ‘eyebrow embroidery’) is designed to improve the overall look of your eyebrows, creating a fuller, more stylish effect you’ll love.

Pigment is applied using a hand tool, with light strokes to mimic the natural appearance of eyebrow hairs — the results are striking, authentic and crafted to complement the rest of your facial features.

This permanent makeup solution transforms thin or pale eyebrows, and can be completed surprisingly fast. Our therapists are highly-trained in Microblading, and will give you the look you want through safe, professional work.

All colors and shapes are tailored to each patient, so your new brows will blend right in.

So, we’ve covered the ‘how’ — now let’s look at the ‘why’!

5 benefits of Microblading

#1. No maintenance required

Tired of plucking? Sick of waxing? Find crafting your eyebrows into the right shape a real hassle?

Microblading takes care of all that: you’ll get gorgeous eyebrows with no need to maintain them. Simple!

#2. Enjoy long-lasting results

In most cases, Microblading keeps eyebrows in such amazing condition that a touch-up is only needed every two or three years.

Your expertly-applied brows will keep their color, size and shape well during this time — making those expensive, regular trips to the salon a thing of the past.

#3. Painless and safe

Microblading is painless: a topical anaesthetic will be applied to your brow area to keep you relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

The cutting-edge Microblading hand tool Milk + Honey’s experts use is safe: the results look fantastic without any risk to your natural hairs or skin. On top of that, you’ll be able to carry on with your everyday business as usual after your Microblading, so there’s no need to take time off work either.

#4. Waterproof, smudge-free eyebrows

Eyebrows that have been drawn on can be pretty unreliable: they might be affected by rain or sweat, making their fakeness more noticeable. This is a real pain if you’ve spent a long time (and a lot of money!) getting them to look just right.

Microblading creates waterproof eyebrows that stay perfect in even the heaviest rain and the sweatiest workouts. Just relax and focus on whatever you need to!

#5. A fast, time-saving treatment

Microblading takes just 30 to 45 minutes — that’s it!

In less than an hour, you’ll be given redefined eyebrows that match your natural color to perfection. There might be a little redness around them because of the tool’s contact with your skin, but this fades quickly.

Not only is the actual procedure fast, but you’ll save time on eyebrow-maintenance in the future too. Whether you visit a professional to have them done or tend to them yourself, Microblading shaves a lot of time off your usual grooming routine.

As you can see, there’s plenty to recommend Microblading with Milk + Honey, and if you want to learn more, just call us on 306.852.7546 or get in touch online!

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