How can You Avoid Problems with Nail Fungus?

How can You Avoid Problems with Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus might not exactly be the nicest thing to think about, but at Milk + Honey, we treat many people struggling with this unfortunate condition.

How? We have a cutting-edge laser treatment designed to get rid of your nail fungus for good, with a success rate of over 85%!

Who’s at risk of nail fungus problems, why does it develop and how does this solution work? Let’s take a closer look!

Who’s at risk of issues with nail fungus?

Otherwise known as onychomycosis, nail fungus can affect both the finger- and toenails, in people of all ages (though men tend to experience fungus issues more than women).

Still, some people are at more risk of developing nail-fungus problems than others, including those who:

  • are aged 65 and above
  • have been diagnosed with diabetes
  • swim in public pools on a regular basis
  • have a weak immune system
  • are affected by a disease contributing to poor circulation
  • have been injured on or around the nail
  • leave their toes or fingers exposed to moisture for a prolonged period
  • wear a lot of closed-toe boots or shoes

Why does nail fungus develop?

Fungal nail infections are caused when too much fungi forms on, under or in the nail. These are the same type known to trigger athlete’s foot or ringworm.

Fungi thrive in areas that are warm and moist. Coming into contact with someone affected by a fungal infection means you may catch it, and in some cases, it can even be spread through nail clippers or other manicure / pedicure tools (proper sterilization prevents this).

How can you avoid nail fungus infections?

You can take several measures to reduce your risk of a nail fungal infection:

#1. Trim regularly

Make sure to keep your nails trimmed to stop dirt and germs building up underneath. Cut across the top straight and avoid going too short.

#2. Wear the right footwear

Keeping your feet in hot, sweaty shoes, boots or sneakers all day increases your risk of fungal infections. Try to wear sandals in warm weather and only buy socks designed to absorb moisture.

#3. Make sure shoes fit right

Your shoes should never be in contact with your toenails, so make sure you have a little room at the tip.

#4. Avoid borrowing other people’s shoes

You could pick up fungal infections from others if you wear their shoes — so avoid doing this, no matter how gorgeous their new pair is!

What does our nail fungus treatment involve?

Milk + Honey’s GentleMax Pro® usessafe bursts of laser energy delivered quickly: these destroy the pathogens responsible for nail fungus growing under the nail.

You’ll need around three sessions of this treatment, with breaks of four to six weeks between. It should take from three to six months for your new nail to start growing, and its development will likely be finished in less than a year.

Our GentleMax Pro® can be quite uncomfortable at times, but this is usually manageable and fades after the treatment’s ended. You’ll get to discuss this in-depth during your consultation.

Have a nail fungus problem to take care of? We’re here to answer any questions you might have and to give you all the details you need. Just call us on 306.852.7546 or get in touchwith us now!

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