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What Causes Spider Veins and How can You Treat Them?

March 7th

Spider veins are a common sign of ageing affecting millions of people worldwide. They may not be worth worrying about (we’ll go deeper into this below), but that doesn’t make them any easier to live with. 

Preparing your Skin for a Full Body Wax

March 7th

Nervous about your first full body wax? You’re not alone. Everyone worries the first time, but there’s no need to: our expert therapists are committed to making your full body waxing as safe and comfortable as we can. Ahead of your treatment, it’s best to prepare your skin and make it easier on your body — but how can you do that

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful

February 11th

We all want gorgeous hair. But getting your hair to look and feel great is much easier said than done, right? Not necessarily — check out our top 5 easy tips for healthy, beautiful hair … 

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